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Huanghua Port to expand further to world

Huanghua Port has passed national acceptance on opening more port areas to the outside world, local media reported.

Huanghua Port, which is located in Bohai New Area, Hebei province, is divided into four port areas for coal, comprehensive shipping, bulk cargos and estuary shipping.

The national acceptance is for eight new berths, the shoreline of which extends 2,074 meters. The designed annual capacity of the eight new berths is 18 million tons. They have been approved for service in June, 2015.

Huanghua port is mainly to undertake bulk cargo and container transportation, which provides key support for the development of such hinterland industries as metallurgy, chemical engineering and equipment manufacturing.

The national acceptance enhances the capacity and efficiency of port clearance services and promotes the development of foreign trade, leading to a greater sense of opening up.

It also lays a solid foundation for making Huanghua Port the regional shipping  and logistics center of Bohai New Area.

A cargo ship docks at the Huanghua Port in Hebei province. [Photo/hebei.gov.cn]

The offical is introducing the construction achievement of Huanghua Port.[Photo/hebei.gov.cn]

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