Handling government affairs more efficiently with Wechat

 Zaoqiang County near the city of Hengshui, Hebei Province established a Wechat group to deal with government affairs this past May to increase administrative efficiency, according to a Hengshui Daily report of July 29, which goes on to explain that it allows government departments to report their work daily in the form of text and images on the Wechat site.

An inspection office will record and monitor the condition of their work to simplify work procedures as well as save time. So far, 142 announcements and 27 work schedule reminders have been announced over the site.

This new form of worksaves time and space, and improves administrative efficiency, for example, when three electric power companies were brought in to raise the central heating rate in winter to 97 percent. The county currently has 30 projects under construction, with a total investment of 18.54 billion yuan ($ 2.79 billion).

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