Hebei province, which surrounds the capital Beijing, covers a total area of 187,700 sq km. The provincial capital Shijiazhuang is 283 km from Beijing in the north. The province adjoins Tianjian and the Bohai Sea in the east and the provinces of Shangdong and Henan in south. It lies along the Taihang Mountains and neighbors Shanxi province in the west, has a common boundary with the Inner Mongolia autonomous region in the north and borders on Liaoning province in the northeast.
The topography of Hebei slopes from the northwest to the southeast with complicated and varied landforms. Hebei is the sole province with seashore, plains, lakes, hills and plateaus and has a large quantity and variety of natural resources.
According to authoritative population survey, the total population of the province was 68 million in 2004.
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Hebei to ensure regional vegetable supply
Hebei recently released its vegetable industry development plan in order to ensure the supply of fresh vegetables .
Exhibition reinvigorates ex-coal mine
Spoil tips greened, sewage pits cleaned, 4.5 million tons of detritus removed

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Marine Life
According to an survey in 1984, intertidal species in Hebei Province amount to 163

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First 'made in China' magnetic resonance equipment produced in Baoding
The first Chinese-designed magnetic resonance equipment came off the production line at a medical equipment manufacturing company in Baoding, Hebei pr.


Hebei has abundant animal resources with 137 breeds under State and local protection including two pheasant species as well a swan
Hebei has brewing plants, herbs, fiber plants, commercially raised subtropical trees


Inter-city railway network for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area
An inter-city railway network linking Beijing, Tianjin and neighboring Hebei province is gradually taking shape, according to information from the B.

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Land and resources
There are about 21 kinds of soil in Hebei province, but brown earth is the most common
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