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Baoding opens largest water-based paint production line

Officials from Xingtai city and representatives of the Baoding water-based paint production line pose for a group photo at a press conference held in Boye county, Baoding on Feb 17. [Photo/Chinanews.com.cn]

The largest fully automatic water-based paint production line in Asia has settled in Baoding, Hebei province.

A press conference for the paint production line was held at Baoding’s Boye Water-based Paint Industrial Park on Feb 17.

Widely used in America and Europe, water-based paint accounts for over 80 percent of the whole paint market. In China, the market share of water-based paint is less than 10 percent, indicating a good market prospect for water-based paints in the country’s future. Water-based paints are nonflammable, explosion-proof and environmentally friendly, making them a better alternative to oil-based paints.

The new paint production line at the Boye Water-based Paint Industrial Park.  [Photo/Chinanews.com.cn]

The Boye production line will achieve an annual output of 1.36 million tons of water-based paint when put into service. As a substitute for oil-based paint, it is estimated to reduce the annual emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) by 1.1 million tons and carbon dioxide by 7.87 million tons. Additionally, the substitution has the potential to save nearly 2.2 million tons of petroleum and 3.14 million tons of coal every year.

The Boye Water-based Paint Industrial Park is located in Boye county, Baoding —where the highly polluting, energy-consuming chemical paint industry was once a pillar industry. The whole industry has experienced a serious decline, as China has attached greater importance on environmental protection.

"Economic development should not be at the expense of the environment," said Liu Hang, vice mayor of Baoding. “The establishment of the water-based paint production line is expected to boost the economic growth of Boye county in a greener way.”

The production line will also play an important role in reducing smog and haze in Baoding, as well as its neighboring municipalities of Beijing and Tianjin.

Water-based paint is displayed at the Boye Water-based Paint Industrial Park.  [Photo/Chinanews.com.cn]

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